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Project Description

Half Moon Masterplan

Al Dammam City, KSA

Designing a fully integrated mini-metropolis

Half Moon Masterplan

Al Dammam City, KSA

Designing a fully integrated mini-metropolis

About this Project

Al Dammam City, KSA

13 km²                        

KSA Eastern Province municipality (Amanat)

Design and Construction
Conin Incorporate consultant Ltd

Concept Design – Author


The site location is intrinsically valuable towards the creation of a new urban center as it falls within the category of waterfronts developments. The sheer scale of 13 square kilometers automatically lends itself to a mini city that would necessitate a heterogeneous distribution of land-use to create a live-work and play self-sustained environment.

Waterfronts are designed as long-term projects which need to be developed step by step, so the entire city can benefit from their potentials. It is a challenge for more than one generation and needs a variety of characters both in architecture and public space.

The concept is to design a fully integrated mini-metropolis that encompasses mostly a large-scale residential community spread over low and high-rise buildings. These units will make use of the available waterfront and large water body within the development. In order to maximize the value of the inner lands, a water canal will cut through the middle of the site creating further water views and pedestrian/commercial walkways that will further link the city on multiple levels including marinas and water-based activities.

Residents and visitors will benefit from linked amenities and functions that enhance the Live-Work & Play concept and will also enjoy a 10-kilometer board walk stretch which will boast a vast array of food, beverage and retail outlets and tourists will participate in the vibrancy and excitement of what is sure to become a favored destination for many.

Intelligent Urbanism sees an urban plan, not only as a physical plan, but also as a social plan and as an economic plan. It views the city as processes and an opportunity system. If the city is an institution, which generates opportunities, intelligent Urbanism promotes the concept of equal access to opportunities within the urban system and allowing citizens to grow according to their own essential capabilities and efforts.

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